3D: Distress to Success eBook

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Emotional suffering starts in the heart, from which the Lord says comes the "issues of life". If we are not reconnected with the heartache that damaged our soul, we will remain addicted because it is a defense measure we devise to survive life.

The Digital Version! 3D: Distress to Success Stage One E-Book
What's included? Includes a comprehensive orientation to the series and the complete Stage One workbook, exercises and suggested activities.

"A Broken Heart Damages the Soul"

The last, but the most resolute instruments in people’s decision to addict, is their human will. Willpower initiated the contract they made with the temptation that brought them into bondage. Soul demolishing spirits control addicts by permission. Until they withdraw that permission, efforts to liberate them are futile. The reason is because unknown to many, addiction is a legal contract. For all of these reasons, the 3D Soul Restoration Plan actively engages its participants whole being in the delivery process. It uses relevant education and wisdom to raise participants’ human will to become and remain addiction free. Education is the gateway to everything in society, why should it be dismissed when people are trying to reenter the world of an addiction free life.